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Given our age and state of health I thought it might be time to give a health and fitness report. There are no pictures, you don't want pictures!
To date I've had a slight earache due to getting water in my ears whilst swimming. This lasted a few hours and was seen off by the ear drops which Keith brought. As he takes far more drugs than I ever do, he was in charge of medications. Here on Koh Ngai the beach is a bit rocky in places and I have a somewhat bruised bottom due to being washed ashore by the tide, on to a very rocky patch. Entirely self inflicted as there are much softer places to come in. The only other thing is a bruised toe, sustained during our trek across the mountain. Other than that, I'm browning nicely and all is well.

We've both had a couple of mosquito bites but none are bothering us, probably due to us continually dosing ourselves with antihistamine tablets.

Keith, on the other hand, spent his first week on the islands with a runny nose, really runny, dripping! He also had watering eyes which were sore, and his face came up in red blotches as a consequence. Photosensitive dermatitis, apparently. His medicine kit yielded some maximum strength nose unblockers, phenylephrine, which dried up his nose eventually but the eyes kept watering, he rubbed them more and more and his face got sorer and sorer.

One evening on Sukorn I noticed that I had a tiny patch of sunburn just near my right armpit. Obviously I'd missed that bit when applying sunscreen. I got out the little pot of Aloe Vera gel I'd brought with me, carefully decanted from a large tube, and applied a little to the hot spot. Keith noticed and applied a bit to the sore area around his eyes. Even if it didn't cure him the cool gel provided some relief from the itching and burning. The next day there was a marked improvement so we carried on. There are several large aloe plants at Sukorn Beach Bungalows so when we left, Keith brought away a large aloe leaf which lives in our fridge and is being peeled and applied inch by inch, to good effect. Trusty aloe saves the day. His injuries so far include a stubbed toe and broken nail sustained when he got off a boat, cut finger tips when he got too close to some barnacles and a bleeding toe when he dropped my kindle on it. The kindle is fine.

Apart from the patch mentioned earlier, neither of us have burned ourselves although we both let the tops of our feet get a bit hot on the first day, and there have been no real tummy upsets apart from Keith's self induced ones when he eats a very hot curry! Then the tummy blocker pills are deployed!

Despite all of this, we are very well. Keith would never have managed all the walking around in Cambodia or the climb over the mountain this time last year, and without my knee operation, neither would I.

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uuum no pain, no gain! Don't think I believe that entirely but quite a very stupid but heartfelt remark I made to Steve early days of meeting " if i had stayed at home I wouldn't have seen any of this!!!!!" Hmmph! And to quote my very good friend Diane " get a life " haha . Continue to have a fab time never mind the odd inconvenience. To take a leaf out of your book, not that I can ever do a sky dive...... But who knows! ..... I am girding my loins to do zip wire through the jungle in the Dominican. That's me out of my comfort zone but in going to do it!!!!! Lots of love to you both, come back safe and sound.

by Elaine and Steve

adventurers are us.... you do sound to be having a great time and are doing wonders for the adage life begins when you are....... 60 is definitely the new 24....

by alison taylor

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